Woodland map created for garrys mod for use within fortex hotel.

Please note this map is a work in progress but I've decided to release it to the public because it's taking a while.

Featuring loads of spawnable items and massive build areas, hydroponics is the first map by me of this type, I hope for it to be a massive success. Some features include a silo pit with rocket building area, space to fly your rockets into.

The Hive:
A huge (very very huge) underground 'hive' like from resident evil with automated doors, two lift shafts with a lift, air vents, massive dev (orange) build area, stargate room, lots of above and underground train tracks.

Trains can be driven above and under ground, some tracks stay underground whilst others will alternate. There are also two train build areas where props can be spawned (custom map props) which have been designed for the tracks on this map. (Add a slime texture and you'll really get some speed going). There are more train stations than you can 'shake a stick at'.

The map consists of a vast network of roads, tracks and tunnles to drive your car around, take a look, I'm sure you won't be dissapointed. On another note, there is a car building room hidden beneith one of the cliffs but you'll find it a task to get your car out since the tunnles to get out have not yet been completed. (It does have a car spawning area though.)

With two large lakes, a river with a real flowing force and a waterfall, you'll never get bored making boats to race around the map.

If you're more of a sci-fi kind of guy/gal, then hydroponics contains a fully functional silo system with a control tower, smoke exhaust systems and silo doors, you can even sound an in-build siren to warn people there's a launch about to happen.

For you noobs out there, you'll find the tri-force building quite exiting, with its tri-force monuments and gravity defying water.

If you're the kind of person that prefers to keep to themselves, then you'll find the sewers a great place to get away from people, hidden under a small house on top of a cliff, they provide a great atmosphere.

This map is a great all rounder for building contraptions and role-playing, you name it, you can do it.

This project does not have any downloadable content.


This project requires Valve Source Engine in order to run correctly.

If you have any questions about the requirements or this project, please contact me.


Version: 0.8a

Created in: Valve Hammer Editor


State: WIP
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