Gym Workout Tracker


Enables the user to create multiple workout plans, using an easy to follow step by step process and then use those plans to track workouts. The app gives users notifications on when to workout and insights into how he/she is performing and progressing. A user account is required which can be set up within the app and the user can also choose to backup their data to the Gym Workout Tracker servers in the cloud.

Track your gym lifting progress and get reports on your progress, built to be simple and easy to use, this app only cares about the main point... How much did you lift and when did you do it.

If you want to add measurements, weight and progress pictures, that's up to you as these features are available, but this app is built to be easy and quick to use whilst in the gym. No more messing with the app for 10 minutes between sets trying to figure the app out, just log it and get on with it.

Easy build plans to schedule your workouts and notify yourself what you’re working on this week coming and view your progress. If you are a personal trainer or like to share plans with other and build plans for others, you can build your custom plans using this app and share them with your clients/friends.

Submit feature and support requests on the Gym Workout Tracker website.


This project requires Android, iOS or Windows Mobile in order to run correctly.

If you have any questions about the requirements or this project, please contact me.


Version: 1.6

Created in: Xamarin, C#, Visual Studio, Photoshop


State: Released
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