A biped robot with facial recognition and speech synthesis.

What it does:

Aimie is a bipedal humanoid robot that I'm currently working on, it is my first submition to LMR and my first robot ever. It utilises many servos for movent, with a Raspberry Pi and an SSC32 to control it. Aimie will have an AI written in Java, running on top of Raspbian, the AI will be able to move the chassis depending on inputs it receives, for example a gyroscope will tell the AI if it's about to fall over and correct its position by putting a foot out.


So far, the vision part of the AI has been written, it is able to recognise and remember faces even after having been shut down. The facial recognition was constructed using OpenCV.

The speech synthesis is a work in progress but currently uses OpenMARY because it's the best sounding free speech synthesis software for Java.


The chassis will be moved by approximately 5 servos per leg and arm. Another two will be placed mid body to allow it to spin. Two micro servos will be placed in the head to allow it to look around.

So far only the SSC32 (Servo controller) and Raspberry PI have been set up. The chassis is created using metal brackets from eBay and chassis mock-ups were created using Polymorph.

This project does not have any downloadable content.


This project requires nothing in order to run correctly.

If you have any questions about the requirements or this project, please contact me.


Version: 0.7

Created in: Netbeans & Java


State: WIP
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