Icarus Galaxy Multiplayer

Multi player now works correctly on Icarus galaxy, I've got all player translations and locations happening at the same time and in the same place on every machine, I've tried it via and via, the server accepts connections from both! The game also remembers your last connected server address so you can quick connect next time you launch the game!

My next milestone is to test the game over the internet and see how it handles, I'll then work on using delta in the server as it's not calculating correctly so I just used a fixed value for now. I'll put a video up soon on Youtube of the multi player game play! In other news, I've added an administrator input system to the server so administrators can manage the server without joining the game!

The current commands available for use in the server are: kick [player name] [reason], this will kick the player from the server for the specified reason. stop, this will stop the server from running and close it down. stats, this will display the server name, address and the currectly connected players.

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Luke Alderton


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