Tesco Hudl 2 - Developer Drivers

Today I bought a new Tesco Hudle 2 from one of the local stores. It's got great specs for the price and feels very well built. My only concern is the lack of support when it comes to using it for a development device - mainly the missing drivers.

So I get the tablet home and let it charge for 6 hours and then plug it into my computer to test an app I've been developing. Oh snap. No drivers. What do I do? I do what anyone else would do and Google it, only to find almost everyone else trying to develop apps on Windows 8.1 have been getting the same issue.

I thought I'd hit rock bottom and debated taking the tablet back but then... (light bulb above head moment) ...I figured I'd see if Intel did any android drivers because the Hudle has a quad core Atom CPU.

I found the OEM Intel USB drivers but Windows said they're not compatable with my device. I did what I normally do and ignored that warning and forced the install anyway.

Install success! I could suddenly install apps via the USB cable onto my Hudl 2 and suddenly I love it again.

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Luke Alderton


Thanks Luke, This blog post is an absolute lifesaver. Turns the Hudl 2 from a locked down device into a good, cheap dev tablet. It might be worth adding some more details and screen grabs for those not used to windows drivers. Also worth mentioning that to install the intel android usb drivers 1.1.5 on Windows 8.1 64 bit you'll need to run the exe in compatibility mode as Windows XP (Service Pack 3) and run as administrator.
I tried that and now the hudl 2 appears in the windows device manager but I still can not see it in android studio. Is there something else I need to do?
Alex, I take it you enabled Developer Mode on the tablet?
Thanks Luke, that was driving me loopy too.
Worked like a charm - thanks!
How about Windows 10?
The process should be exactly the same for Windows 10.
I have windows 10 and I cannot get my laptop to recognise my Hudl 2. I have downloaded the driver as suggested and installed it but Hudl 2 still does not appear in Devices Manager. Am I doing something basic wrong Luke?
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