Disabling XAML Hot Reload

There are many reasons to disable XAML Hot Reload or the UI Debugging tools for XAML, for me it's just the simple fact that I don't use XAML and therefore don't want the feature slowing down my debug session for no reason. Others may want to disable it because they're using other XAML debugging features such as XAML Spy.


To disable XAML Hot Reload, you should open Visual Studio and follow these steps:

Open the Tools menu from the top bar.

Click Options... to open the Visual Studio Options menu.

From the left panel, choose Debugging from the list to open its specific settings on the right.

Scroll almost to the bottom to find 'Enable UI Debugging Tools for XAML', you can uncheck this to disable XAML debugging tools altogether.

If you don't want to disable all of the XAML debugging tools and merely want to just disable XAML Hot Reload, then uncheck 'Enable XAML Hot Reload' from just under the previously mentioned setting.

Options menu within Visual Studio

That's it, XAML Hot Reload has been disabled, click OK to close the window and save the new settings.

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Luke Alderton


Arthur Richardson
Hi Luke, I followed your instructions, but for some reason when I go to debug in the iOS emulator I'm still getting XAML Hot Reload Initializing message. I've update to visual studio 16.4.6. Any chance you've experienced this as well?
Arthur - Disabling the option in the Debugging section did not work for me too. I disabled the Hot Reload at Options -> Xamarin -> Hot Reload and it worked for me. I don't know the difference between the two options though.
Same here, I needed to disable it in the Xamarin section for it to stick.
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